Senator Brouk on Racism in Pittsford Schools

The most recent racist incident to occur at Pittsford Schools is indicative of greater problems in the culture of our school district, our community and our nation.  

As a graduate of the Pittsford School District, I’m saddened to report that these kinds of threats are not unfamiliar to my personal experience. This is the same kind of racism, the same kind of intolerance, that I was subjected to and hurt by as a Black child attending school in Pittsford. Now, twenty years later, it has become all too clear how little has changed. 

All young people deserve to feel safe, welcome and respected at school, and these incidents represent a failure of leadership in our community to build an inclusive school culture. As adults, we have a responsibility to protect our children. We must hold ourselves to a higher standard; we must do better so they know to do better.