Susan Serino

August 13, 2021

HYDE PARK, NY – Senator Sue Serino today released the following statement in response to news that the New York State Assembly will not pursue impeachment of disgraced Governor Andrew Cuomo:

“While Cuomo’s resignation was one small step toward restoring integrity in the Capitol, today’s announcement from the Assembly represents giant steps backward. The Assembly’s Supermajority has been dragging its feet and looking for any way out of impeachment from day one, and it is not right. Resignation is one thing, but accountability is another thing altogether.

New Yorkers deserve answers, accountability and most importantly all the victims deserve justice. New Yorkers also deserve to know exactly how their hard-earned tax dollars were spent on this supposed investigation. What they do not deserve, is a vague statement that eludes to corroborating evidence in relation to allegations on everything from sexual harassment to a cover up of nursing home death data. If this evidence was enough to result in articles of impeachment before the Governor resigned, the Assembly had no legitimate reason not to bring those articles forward immediately. At the very least, all of the committee’s findings must be released publicly now.

 Impeachment was not about politics, it was about ensuring that this Governor could never use the power of elected office to victimize New Yorkers again. While the Assembly’s Supermajority seems hell-bent on covering for the scandal-scarred Governor, we will not stop pushing for true justice for all those who have been impacted by his misdeeds—especially New York’s nursing home residents and their loved ones.”