ALBANY, NY – Senator Sue Serino today released the following statement in response to breaking news from the NY Times, which details how aides to the Governor spent months hiding the real number of COVID-19 nursing home deaths:

“Unfortunately, this latest report confirms what many of us have long suspected. While I was calling for a full investigation into the state’s handling of the crisis unfolding in our nursing homes last May, the officials of the Governor’s Administration were busy concealing the numbers that could have helped improve the state’s response and maybe even saved lives.

At a time when we were being told to follow the science, and trust public health officials, that rule seems only to have applied to the Governor if it fit his political narrative. This is politics at its absolute worst, and it is why we will not stop pushing for a full, top to bottom review of the state’s overall handling of the COVID crisis in these vulnerable facilities.”

Senator Sue Serino is the Ranking Member of the State Senate’s Aging Committee.