Senator Toby Ann Stavisky and the Senate Majority Pass Legislation to Eliminate Puppy Mills & Strengthen Animal Protections

Albany, NY- Senator Toby Ann Stavisky (D-16th District), and the Senate Majority have advanced legislation to improve the health and safety of domestic animals, as part of the conference’s continued advocacy for animal welfare. This package establishes a ban on the sale of puppy mill animals, pets that are often bred under inhumane conditions for the purpose of retail sale.

“When you see that adorable dog, or purring kitten or cuddly bunny in the pet store window, think twice before purchasing it,” says Senator Stavisky. “Many of these animals were raised in deplorable and abusive conditions. I commend Senator Michael Gianaris for sponsoring this legislation, which I co-sponsored, that would prohibit their sale in pet stores. These puppy mills raise these pets under terrible conditions so that when the store sells the pet it often has serious underlying health issues.”

This legislative package also clarifies the definition of the crime of aggravated cruelty to animals, enacts a property inspection requirement to check for abandoned animals, and ensures that the best interest of pets is considered during divorce or separation proceedings. These bills aim to curb animal abuse and mistreatment of animals throughout the state.

You can find more information on this legislative package here.