Statement from Senator Daphne Jordan

The record is perfectly clear: in 2014, New Yorkers overwhelmingly voted for an independent process that would keep partisan politics out of redistricting. Last November, New Yorkers further demonstrated their strong support for this position when they soundly defeated a Democrat-sponsored ballot proposal that would have weakened Independent Redistricting. 

By choosing to draw their own partisan maps, Democrats in the state Legislature are ignoring the will of hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers and countless Communities of Interest. The Democrats are looking to protect their political power, not reflect the will of the people. I voted no on today’s Congressional maps for these very reasons. Redistricting was supposed to be independent and not driven by partisan politics. 

The Democrats’ map-making process is a shameless example of politically partisan gerrymandering at its worst. I fully anticipate a court challenge and am confident that a challenge will ultimately be successful.