Senator Rath Urges Legislative Leaders to Address Childcare Costs

Senator Rath has written a letter to the Governor urging her to explore different options for addressing childcare costs. New York continually ranks as one of the most expensive states for childcare.

“The discussion around childcare affordability has largely been around subsidizing childcare, I believe that this option leaves behind too many middle-class families. We need to assure that childcare is accessible and affordable for all families in New York State.  I urge our legislative leaders to seriously consider including my bill, S5408, which increases the Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit to help address the affordability crisis families are facing.” Senator Ed Rath continued, “We must also focus on what is driving these costs so that it is more economically viable to operate childcare centers. In addition to the upfront cost of care for parents, there are still far too few spots available across the region.”

Senator Rath is urging this discussion to happen as budget negotiations continue for the 2023 New York State Budget. The budget deadline is April 1, 2022.

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