Senator Reichlin-Melnick Delivers Funding for New Installations at Rockland’s Holocaust Museum

ROCKLAND, NY - Senator Elijah Reichlin-Melnick recently visited the Rockland Holocaust Museum & Center for Tolerance and Education to present $75,000 in grant funds he secured for the organization. These grants will be invested in artifact cases and an active electronic display about hate crimes to help educate museum visitors that anti-semitism and other bigotry is not only in the past.

Senator Reichlin-Melnick said, “The Rockland Holocaust Museum & Center for Tolerance and Education is a world class facility right here in our community. Each year they host thousands of school groups and other visitors and ensure that future generations will keep the memory of the Holocaust alive and learn the importance of tolerance–and what can happen when leaders stoke bigotry and hatred for political gain. I am proud to fund these projects that help us understand our history while examining hate crimes in the present, so that we can work together for a more tolerant future.”

Executive Director Andrea Winograd spoke about the Holocaust Museum & Center’s plans for investing the grants, “We are so grateful for the Senator’s dedication in helping us further our mission by securing grant dollars essential for these important new installations. These grants will support projects that will preserve a treasure trove of artifacts from Holocaust survivors and increase awareness of hate crimes happening today.”

The museum serves thousands of visitors a year, and hosts school groups from throughout the region. The diversity of people who visit the museum speaks to the mission to educate about the dangers of intolerance through the lens of the Holocaust to inspire critical thinking and courage in the face of injustice.