Addabbo reminisces about Superstorm Sandy 10 years later

Senator Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr.

October 25, 2022

“Ten years ago Superstorm Sandy tore through New York and left a trail of extensive damage in its wake. Our neighborhood homes were destroyed, businesses demolished, public spaces were unrecognizable, and lives were lost. It was truly a terrible experience for our communities, and we can still feel the effects of the storm to this day.”

“Looking back a decade later, what I remember most about the days, weeks and months after the storm is the way we all came together as a community to help those who were affected. Since the storm, we have worked on the state level to strengthen our coastal communities and are working to implement storm mitigation measures in our waters so that when the next storm hits we are prepared. In addition, we are working towards being a clean energy state to help reduce the effects of climate change. I will never forget that day and the damage we faced, but I will also never forget the strength of our communities to rally around each other and come back even stronger.”