Residents can recycle unwanted electronics at Addabbo's Howard Beach and Middle Village offices with DSNY's e-cycleNYC program

Senator Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr.

June 9, 2022

After a successful e-waste recycling event at Forest Park this spring, State Senator Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr. is still giving constituents the ability to properly dispose of their unwanted electronics.

Addabbo is still partnered with DSNY and their e-cycleNYC program, so residents are able to drop off their e-waste at his Howard Beach and Middle Village offices.

“I know how popular the electronic waste recycling events always are, with hundreds of people participating for both the spring and fall events each year, so I wanted to figure out a way to bring that service to the community on a more regular basis,” Addabbo explained. “I was thrilled to hear about DSNY’s e-cycleNYC program, and since we started our partnership last year, my offices have collected over 100 electronics. So if you aren’t able to attend the bi-annual e-waste recycling events, you have still the opportunity to get rid of your old electronics at my offices throughout the year.”

Items that are accepted through the ecycleNYC program are:

  • Small televisions; 
  • Small monitors and computers; 
  • Laptops; 
  • Keyboards/mice/hard drives; 
  • Printers/scanners/fax machines; 
  • Tablets/e-readers; 
  • Mobile phones; 
  • MP3 players; 
  • VCRs/DVRs/DVD players; 
  • Video game consoles and accessories. 


Items that cannot be accepted are:

  • Household appliances; 
  • Loose batteries; 
  • Lightbulbs or ballasts. 


Due to the limited size of the bin provided by DSNY, only small television sets and computer monitors can be accepted. Screens larger than 30 inches will not fit in the bin and therefore will not be accepted at either of Addabbo’s offices.

To drop off your electronics, visit Addabbo’s Howard Beach Office, located at 159-53 102nd Street, Howard Beach, or his Middle Village Office, located at 66-85 73rd Place, Middle Village. For more information about this event and what will be accepted, call Addabbo’s office at 718-738-1111.