State Senator Kevin Parker calls on Mayor Adams To Enact Gas Holiday Tax in New York City

As New Yorkers are working to recoup from the financial pains of the pandemic, State Senator Kevin Parker is calling on Mayor Eric Adams to enact a gas holiday tax. On March 4, 2022, Senator Parker introduced legislation known as the “Gas Tax Holiday Act of 2022” (S.8479), to freeze state gas tax rates for the remainder of the 2022. The Gas Tax Holiday Act was the first gas tax holiday proposed in the state in response to the recent hikes in gas prices, and was designed so that New Yorkers would receive the benefits from the reduced cost to sellers (i.e., gas stations and wholesale sellers)Senator Parker had the following to say about his proposal for the city, “I believe that implementing a gas tax holiday for the City of New York (“City”) would help the City and its residents in their economic recovery from the pandemic. As such, I write to request that you enact a gas tax holiday to relieve already struggling, cash-strapped City residents.”

A gas tax holiday in New York City could help ease the burden and reduce the cost of living for the 1.4 million drivers and 3.2 million households in New York City. Together with the state level Gas Tax Holiday Act, a city and municipal freeze would be a comprehensive yet temporary way to provide all families with modest relief while supporting our local businesses. Gas at the pump is currently $4.25-per-gallon on average across the state and $4.24 in New York City; up more than $1.50 per gallon from the same time last year.

At this moment, the state’s high gas prices have put a damper on everyday activities and are draining the finances of the very households upon which the City must rely for its economic recovery. By offering relief from soaring fuel prices at this pivotal time, you will help that recovery. Moreover, as you know, due to the high cost of living in New York City, higher prices at the pump add to a uniquely burdensome cost of living in the five boroughs.  




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