Senator Helming and New York State Parks Announce New Boat Washing Station at Canandaigua Lake

Senator Pam Helming along with regional government and community leaders officially opened the new boat washing station at the Canandaigua Lake State Marine Park boat launch. The purpose of the boat wash is to help prevent the spread of invasive species and protect the health of Canandaigua Lake and other lakes in the region.

The boat wash equipment was secured through the collaborative efforts of state and local government representatives, New York State Parks, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, Finger Lakes Institute and Finger Lakes Partnership for Regional Invasive Species Management (PRISM) and Canandaigua Lake Watershed Association.

Canandaigua Lake is not only one of the beautiful Finger Lakes and enjoyed by many for recreational purposes, but is also a critical natural resource, supplying drinking water to approximately 35,000 people in Canandaigua, Bristol, East Bloomfield, Farmington, Hopewell and Manchester.

Senator Helming said, “It is essential that we protect our lakes from invasive species that can do serious harm to our water quality and public health. We must keep our lakes safe for the health of our communities and economy, local tourism, and for residents and visitors to enjoy. This boat washing station is a critical step forward in prioritizing the health of our lakes, and I am thankful to the many individuals and agencies involved in this extensive team effort.”

boat washing station includes a high-pressure washer and will be staffed by watershed stewards who are available to help inspect watercrafts for invasive species as well as educate boat owners and operators on the importance of protecting the health of the lake. Boat owners and operators are strongly encouraged to wash their boats before entering the lake but are not required to do so.

“Invasive species can have devastating effects on our native biodiversity. New Yorkers can make a difference in detecting and preventing the spread of invasive species to protect our lakes, forests and natural habitat. I encourage boaters to take advantage of this boat washing station and help preserve the health of Canandaigua Lake,” said Fred Bonn, Finger Lakes Regional Director for New York State Parks.

“DEC is proud to partner in establishing this new decontamination boat wash on Canandaigua Lake’s State Marine Park boat launch. New York State has an extensive boat stewardship program that not only helps protect New York's water resources, but also raises public awareness about aquatic invasive species. Collaborative efforts like this new decontamination project and increased public awareness and participation are helping to protect the Finger Lakes from invasive pests,” said Tim Walsh, Department of Environmental Conservation Regional Director.

“The health of our lakes is critical to the future of our region. As a popular tourist site, Canandaigua Lake sees visitors and their boats from a wide variety of places. Ensuring that invasive species do not wreak havoc on Canandaigua Lake is crucial. This boat washing station will greatly assist in the mission to keep Canandaigua Lake healthy. I’m proud that our state, local governments and community organizations worked collaboratively to get this washing station in place,” said Assemblyman Jeff Gallahan

“This boat wash station is a great step forward in protecting the health of our lake. Canandaigua Lake is one of our most important natural resources. It provides water to many area communities and is key to tourism and business. This was first brought up in March and in just four months it’s ready to go. I have to thank the great work of our State and Local representatives for making this project come together so fast,” said Mayor Bob Palumbo, City of Canandaigua.

“I would like to thank the state and local officials who worked so hard to make this happen. This boat wash station will help provide an extra layer of protection for the lake, and it is my hope that it will become one of many in our area. This project is another important step in protecting Canandaigua Lake for generations to come,” said Canandaigua Town Supervisor Jared Simpson.

“Protecting Canandaigua Lake has been and remains a priority for all of the communities within the watershed. This project is a perfect example of our communities and the State getting together to accomplish something that will help protect the Lake from invasive species and hopefully will be able to be replicated at other launches on the Lake,” said John Goodwin, Canandaigua City Manager.  

“Prevention is one of the most effective strategies we have for protecting Canandaigua Lake from the threats of aquatic invasive species,” said Lynn Klotz, President of the Canandaigua Lake Watershed Association. “The introduction of this new boat wash station, alongside the diligent inspections performed by watercraft stewards, will ensure that we are establishing the best line of defense from new invasives.”

“The Finger Lakes Institute and Finger Lakes PRISM are proud to be working with NYS Parks, NYS DEC, and the City and Town of Canandaigua on this project. This decontamination station is a big step for the fight against invasive species in Canandaigua Lake and throughout the Finger Lakes Region,” said Sam Beck-Anderson, Associate Director of Invasive Species Programs Coordinator, Finger Lakes PRISM.