Senator Helming's 2022 Veterans Hall of Fame Nominee Ceremony

December 07, 2022

Watch the November 2nd ceremony hosted by Senator Pam Helming recognizing the 21 veterans nominated for the 2022 New York State Senate Veterans Hall of Fame

They are:

August Abel Jr.                                 

Jaime Balcom                                   

William R. Bolling                             

David G. Borland                              

John Bruening                                  

Mark Burns                                       

Ronald Calman                                 

Henry Decker                                    

Dr. Grace Maria Freier                    

Gary I. Ginsburg                               

Ann Guest     

William Irwin

Klaus Liedmann

Joseph V. Perdicho*

John G. Pilc

Dr. M. Richard Rose*

William A. Valois III

Rudolf Van Der Velden

Lee E. Weaver

Kenneth W. Winkler

Peter T. Yaskow*

“It is an honor to recognize these men and women, nominated by their family and friends, who answered the call to serve their country,” said Senator Helming. “Each veteran’s story is unique. But there is one common theme. When they completed their military service, they didn’t hang up their uniforms and say, ‘My service is done.’ They asked, ‘What more can I do to help others?’ They went on to serve their communities, their neighbors, and their fellow veterans. God bless our veterans and military families.”