Senate Republican Leader Rob Ortt Calls on Governor to Take Immediate Action After Firebombing of Pro-Life Women's Medical Office

AMHERST, NY – Senate Republican Leader Rob Ortt today penned a letter to the Governor’s Office highlighting the urgency of an immediate investigation into the suspected arson of CompassCare pregnancy center that took place early Tuesday morning.

“The lack of support from the state and federal government following this despicable act is both disappointing and alarming. For the safety of our communities, I’m calling on Governor Hochul to utilize the full resources of the state and prohibit any further delay in investigating this act of extremism,” said Senate Republican Leader Rob Ortt.

CompassCare President and CEO Jim Harden recently expressed his concern at the slow response by the FBI on the suspected arson case, which left the building destroyed and unusable. Patients are continuing to receive care in an undisclosed location, however there has yet to be a named suspect or arrest made following this attack.

“I request your administration immediately direct the State Police to help local and federal officials investigate this heinous crime while also allocating money and resources to ensure pro-life women’s medical offices have the same security as other advocacy centers,” closed Senate Republican Leader Rob Ortt in his letter.

A copy of the letter is attached above.