Senator Brouk Reflects Upon Partisan Insurrection Attempt at US Capitol One Year Ago Today

“This time last year, I was just days into my tenure as a New York State Senator when I learned that our nation’s capitol had been besieged. At a time when I was feeling great hope for our democracy, I was shocked, dismayed, and appalled to see such death and destruction in Washington. The peaceful transition of power—and moreover, truth itself—are essential to American democracy, and the events on January 6th, 2021 remind me that my duties as an elected official are not to be taken for granted. 

“I want to be clear—the insurrection at our nation’s capitol was domestic terrorism. A violent attack was carried out on the very principles and sacred institutions that make this country what it is. This attack on our democracy did not come from a foreign enemy—it came from our neighbors, family members, coworkers, people we see in our everyday life. People from all walks of life—even former weathermen—took part in the destruction and violence in our nation’s capital, and have contributed to the distrust and contention we must grapple with as a result. 

“There must be accountability. It is my hope—as a legislator and as a citizen—that January 6th will become more than a day when we reflect on a dark moment in our nation’s history, but a day when we recommit to preserving both our Republic and the democratic values that so many before us have fought and died to protect.”