Senator Weber Expresses Gratitude for Passage of Bridge Name Restoration Legislation that he Co-Sponsored

Senator Bill Weber on the Tappan Zee Bridge Walking Path

Disgraced Governor Andrew Cuomo's decision to rename the Tappan Zee Bridge to Mario M. Cuomo Bridge sparked frustration among Rockland County residents, making it one of the most widely discussed topics in Senator Weber's district. The topic comes up at street fairs and community events and generates numerous calls to the Senator's office. The sight of the new name evokes strong emotions among Rockland residents, who continue to express their gratitude to Senator Weber for his unwavering commitment to changing the name.

Originally opened in 1955 as the Tappan Zee Bridge, the name paid homage to the local Native American tribe, the Tappan, and the Dutch word for sea, "Zee." In 1994, the name was modified to honor former Governor Malcolm Wilson, resulting in the Governor Malcolm Wilson Tappan Zee Bridge. However, it remained synonymous with the familiar Tappan Zee for Rockland residents.

At the time, the decision to honor the former governor was widely accepted, as the name continued to pay tribute to the Tappan and recognize the Dutch influence on the region's history. Unfortunately, the recent name change disregarded this significance and was implemented without input or consideration as part of a budget package.

The journey of the compromise bill to call the bridge Mario M. Cuomo Tappan Zee voted on today has been challenging, with numerous obstacles. Orange County Senator Mike Martucci carried the original bill introduced by then Assemblyman Lawler in the Assembly after Senator Weber's predecessor declined to sponsor it in the Senate.

Senator Bill Weber said, "Thank you, Senator Skoufis, for putting aside party politics and taking the lead on this legislation. Our work is not done, but today's vote to modify the bridge’s name to include Tappan Zee is a great step in the right direction.”

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