Addabbo announces Senate approval of package of crime victims' bills

Senator Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr.

May 16, 2023

New York State Senator Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr. and his Senate colleagues approved legislation to strengthen crime victims’ rights, protections for survivors and expand SNUG programs. In addition to passing legislation, the Senate secured $13 million for state victim and witness assistance, $5 million in grants for assistance to survivors and victims of domestic violence, and $4.5 million for rape crisis centers in the 2023-2034 state budget. 

“Fighting crime is a top priority in Albany, so these bills will help to improve protections, services, and compensation for victims, expand access to sealed records for prosecutors, and expand critical SNUG programs,” Addabbo stated. “This legislative package is vital to ensuring victims have the necessary support to heal and recover from their trauma. By strengthening victims’ rights and holding offenders accountable for their actions, we can continue restoring public safety in our communities,” added Addabbo. 

The legislation passed by the Senate includes: 

 ● S.936 (Addabbo co-sponsor) – Requires statewide housing authorities to grant domestic violence survivors the same preference as granted to other prioritized populations. 

● S.303 - Expands the definition of "welfare" in order to enable victims of crime to receive reimbursement for personal property that was lost, damaged, or stolen. The reimbursement or replacement of property will assist the victim in regaining stability and maintaining a reasonable standard of living. 

● S.3340 - Requires reporting of extreme risk protection orders to the statewide, computerized registry of orders of protection and certain arrest warrants. 

● S.1901 - Enacts Emma's Law, which provides for victim statements at the sentencing of a defendant for a misdemeanor. 

● S.1951 - Removes the current 10-year period from the crime of persistent sexual abuse.  

● S.3071 (Addabbo co-sponsor) - Allows prosecutors to access orders of protection issued in association with sealed prior domestic violence cases if the offender commits a new domestic violence offense. 

● S.3236 - Adds to the definition of a victim of a sexual offense by including a victim of unlawful dissemination or publication of an intimate image. 

● S.5916 (Addabbo co-sponsor) – Provides clarification that claims filed against governmental entities under the Adult Survivors Act do not require filing a notice of claim or a notice of intention to file a claim. 

● S.2364 (Addabbo co-sponsor) – Establishes an operation SNUG program to provide educational, youth justice, gang prevention, social work, street outreach, and more programs and services that aim to reduce, prevent, or respond to gun violence. 

● S.214A - Expands eligibility for victims and survivors of crimes to access victim-compensation funds by removing the mandatory law-enforcement reporting requirement, providing alternative forms of evidence that show a qualifying crime was committed, and the confidentiality of certain records. 

● S.5502 - Provides additional rights to crime victims and requires the court or district attorney, at sentencing or at the earliest time possible, to provide the victims of said crime with an informational sheet explaining their rights.  

“I hope the Assembly will act swiftly to pass these important bills so they can be delivered to the Governor and signed into law. Constituents are counting on us to enact these measures to help address the rise in gun violence and return some stability to the lives of crime victims,” concluded Addabbo. 

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