Addabbo statement on State one-house budget resolution vote

“I voted to support the Senate’s budget proposal because I agree with most aspects of the one-house resolution. The proposed increase in education funding and pushback to SUNY and CUNY tuition increases would benefit many New Yorkers. Advances in childcare, aid for seniors, the extension of the Film Tax Credit, increased funding for veterans and safety net hospitals are all great investments.

The Belmont Racetrack project will create over 4,000 union jobs, add to state revenue, and provide a more modern, environmentally-friendly, safer track with additional green space. However, many constituents and I share concerns about the need to address public safety issues, whether by re-evaluating our bail laws, judge's discretion or discovery procedures.

There is great need to assist tenants and landlords, but one-sided initiatives are not the answer. Good Cause, in my opinion, could hurt tenants by decreasing incentives for landlords to rent properties, creating animosity toward tenants, and further overburdening the already congested housing court. Instead, we should negotiate a plan to address short- and long-term housing needs and promote truly affordable housing development.

I look forward to addressing these concerns as I work with my colleagues to negotiate the final state budget that improves the lives of my constituents and those of New Yorkers throughout the state.”