Griffo statement on 'Clean Slate Act'

New York State Sen. Joseph Griffo, R-C-Rome, released the following statement today regarding the governor signing the “Clean Slate Act” into law: 

“The governor signing the ‘Clean Slate Act’ shows once again that the administration and legislative majorities care more about the needs of criminals than law-abiding citizens.  

While I am not opposed to rehabilitated individuals being given a second chance and the opportunity to succeed in their new life, this bill will shield criminals from the consequences of their actions by hiding certain criminal histories from perspective employers and other entities for a period of time. It is not centered around misdemeanors and minor mistakes. Instead, it wipes clean many serious and significant offenses, including manslaughter, gun and domestic violence felonies, most kidnappings, armed robberies and residential burglaries.  

We have heard repeatedly from law enforcement, local governments, businesses and residents that pro-criminal policies like the ‘Clean Slate Act,' which I did not support, are causing more challenges and problems. New Yorkers are more concerned with not becoming a crime statistic themselves than the stats being used by politicians to justify policies. They are fleeing the state because they do not feel safe here.  

However, instead of working to address these legitimate concerns, those in charge of our state government have continued to push for and support flawed policies that fail to make New Yorkers and their families safer. I believe in taking a pragmatic approach and will continue to advocate for proactive, sensible and comprehensive solutions that will enhance and strengthen public safety in the state.”