Griffo statement on State Budget

“I was hopeful that the legislative majorities and the governor – who negotiated this year’s budget behind closed doors – would have taken advantage of this extra time to agree to a responsible spending plan that benefits overtaxed, overburdened and overwhelmed New Yorkers and their families. 

However, this late, policy-laden and nontransparent budget, which included unsustainable spending, fails to address many of the critical economic, affordability and public safety challenges facing our state. Unfortunately, it will force even more residents to flee New York   There were various aspects and some areas of this budget with which I did concur. I agree with investing in and funding education, higher education, mental health and infrastructure improvements. However, this budget does not reflect the issues of concern or the views of New York residents.  

There was no meaningful relief for taxpayers. Stifling energy mandates, including a ban on gas hookups in newly constructed buildings, will result in increased utility and housing costs. New mandates will cripple small businesses and family farms. Medicaid aid for local governments was slashed, which could lead to significant property tax increases. The insignificant tweaks made to the state's bail law amount to nothing more than a clarification as opposed to a correction and will not make New Yorkers feel safer.  

Then there’s the out-of-control spending. This year’s budget, totaling a record $229 billion, is more than $8 billion over what was spent the last fiscal year. Since 2019, our state has been under one-party control. During that time, spending has increased by $58 billion, which is larger than the annual budgets of the majority of states in the nation.  

New Yorkers – at least those who remain here for now - will be forced to pick up the tab once again.”