Senator Thomas Hosts 2023 Commendation Awards Ceremony

Kevin Thomas

November 13, 2023

We had a packed house at our 2023 Commendation Awards Ceremony. As a State Senator, one of my favorite things to do is give back and highlight the impactful work leaders across District 6 are doing to improve our communities. We had a diverse class of honorees this year that included Civil Rights leaders, educators, lawyers, activists and essential workers to name a few!

This year's honorees were: 

Antony Bonilla; Cathy M. Middleton-Lewis, Esq.; Jill Smith; Ms. Beverly Robinson; Sharon Sheppard; Bishop Philius Nicolas; Gerard (Gerry) Brown; Magdalonie Paris-Campbell; Stephanie K Jeudy; Sandhyia Gosine; Sonia Dixon; Marguerite Grasing Keller; Susan Keller; Dr. Emily Moore; Pastor Donald McClurkin Jr.; Bishop Frank Anthone White; RoseAnn Vernice; Isaiah Jackson; April McCarthy; Lt. Yvonne T Armstrong

Group of 2023 Honorees