Senator Walczyk Denounces Court Decision To Reinstate Quarantine Regulations

Mark Walczyk

November 22, 2023

This week, a mid-level appellate court in the State of New York ruled to reinstate regulations that force residents to isolate themselves during an outbreak of a highly contagious disease. The regulations in question, gives the authority to the NYS Department of Health, under the purview of the Governor, to issue quarantines during outbreaks. The ruling of the 4th Judicial Department overturns a decision by a State Supreme Court Justice, who found clear violations in the constitutional requirements for a separation of powers between the legislative and executive branches. "The idea that the State Health Department will lawfully quarantine a New Yorker against their will sounds Soviet," Walczyk said. "The Judiciary has a role to play in checking the Executive and I'm deeply disappointed the Appellate Division missed the opportunity to draw the line at tyranny," Walczyk said. "Governor Hochul is falling right behind Cuomo in a lust for power of the state over individual rights. We'll continue to fight until we win back a future for New Yorkers that includes freedom." Fellow members of the Republican Conference have already pledged support for an appeal and will continue to fight this decision until the freedoms of New Yorkers are restored. Senator Mark Walczyk represents the 49th Senate District, which includes the entire counties of Jefferson, Lewis, Hamilton and Fulton. As well as parts of Oswego, St. Lawrence, and Herkimer counties. Sign up for exclusive updates from the Senator via his weekly newsletter by emailing