Senator Walczyk Denounces Governor Hochul Signing "No Excuse Absentee Voting" Into Law

Mark Walczyk

September 20, 2023

Walczyk Candid

Governor Kathy Hochul has signed S7394A into law, allowing New Yorkers to obtain an absentee ballot for any reason through an application to the board of elections. This bill removes the requirement of a reasonable excuse to obtain an absentee ballot.

In 2021, the No-Excuse Absentee Voting Amendment was defeated by actual voters 1,677,580 to 1,370,897 (55.03%/44.97%). Voters in the State of New York made it clear that they did not want to have their elections run through the mail. Albany Democrats chose to go around  the people they represent and chose to impose their own partisan agenda instead.

“Voters of New York State do not want this, county board of elections did not ask for this,” said Walczyk.“The only people who approve this law are self-serving Albany Democrats who have become so unpopular they’ve stooped to electoral rules changes to embezzle power from the voting public.”

Senator Mark Walczyk represents the 49th Senate District, which includes the entire counties of Jefferson, Lewis, Hamilton and Fulton. As well as parts of Oswego, St. Lawrence, and Herkimer counties. Sign up for exclusive updates from the Senator via his weekly newsletter by clicking HERE or by emailing

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