Mark Walczyk

December 28, 2023

With less than a week until the start of the 2024 Legislative Session, State Senator Mark Walczyk and State Assemblywoman Mary Beth Walsh announced that they will be introducing legislation that would fully repeal moving local elections from even years back to odd years. 

Governor Hochul signed S.3505-B/A.4282-B into law less than a week ago. Under this new law, most elections at the County and municipal levels, outside New York City, are now moved from odd years to even years. Supporters of the legislation say this shift will increase voter turnout. However, those against the effort contend the opposite would occur. With longer ballots, it would take more time to complete a ballot, causing longer wait times. Both Walczyk and Walsh voted against the bill earlier this year. 

"Governor Hochul and Albany Democrats are undermining the decentralized principles of our republic's founding," said Senator Walczyk. "I wasn't elected to stand by while self-serving politicians disrespect our local governments for their own personal political gain. I’m proud to stand with Assemblywoman Walsh, introducing this bill to reverse this misguided power grab and return autonomy to local elections.” 

“Gov. Hochul’s approval of even-year elections shows a blatant disregard for the essence of localized representation in our electoral process. Shifting local elections to even years risks overshadowing the critical issues that directly impact our communities,” said Walsh. “It’s a disservice to our constituents to dilute the focus on local concerns with the noise of larger-scale, media-fueled national elections. Sen. Walczyk and I share a steadfast commitment to preserving the fundamental principles of our democratic system with the introduction of this bill.”