Senator Fernandez’s Legislation Moves Through Committee This Week

Albany, NY — This week, Senator Nathalia Fernandez has several critical pieces of legislation moving through Senate Committees which will address toxic emission standards and forge ahead on harm reduction policies for those experiencing addiction. As the newly appointed Chair of the Committee on Alcoholism and Substance Abuse, Senator Nathalia Fernandez, will be leading the discussion on these notable issues and spearheading their advancement. The proposed legislation in her chaired committee includes new requirements for providers of chemical dependence services to have buprenorphine available on site; helping individuals with substance use disorder connect to appropriate service providers; and establishing the Recovery Residences Task Force. Senator Fernandez is also sponsoring legislation that would direct the Department of Environmental Conservation to expand their emissions standards for certain toxic air contaminants.

“As I hit the ground running this legislative session, I’m proud to be starting off strong with these transformative bills that will get to the heart of the issues at hand,” Senator Nathalia Fernandez said. “As the newly appointed Chair of the Committee on Alcoholism and Substance Abuse, I have an urgent responsibility to move legislation that will bring relief and solutions to New Yorkers who are struggling. That’s what this week’s slate sets out to do, but we’re just getting started. I look forward to continuing the notable work of the previous Chair, Senator Pete Harckham, and collaborating with colleagues in the Committee and Senate on behalf of our constituents.”

The legislation that Senator Fernandez will have moving through committee includes:


  • Buprenorphine in Opioid Treatment Programs: This bill, S3347, would require facilities that provide treatment for substance use disorders to have at least one practitioner qualified to administer or prescribe buprenorphine to individuals in their care with substance use disorders related to opioids. This would allow for the diversification of treatment models to create a more comprehensive harm reduction treatment infrastructure.
  • Substance Use Disorder Service Providers: This bill, S3348, requires hospitals to refer individuals to appropriate service providers for substance use disorders when relevant.
  • Recovery Residences Task Force: This bill, S3349, creates a Certified Recovery Residences Task Force to establish best practice guidelines for certified recovery living residences that illustrate the most appropriate and effective environment for persons recovering from a chemical dependency.
  • Toxic Emissions Standards: This bill, S3328, directs the Department of Environmental Conservation to promulgate air quality standards for emissions of certain toxic air contaminants.

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