Harckham Announces $1 Million in Senate Funding for the North Rockland School District

Senate Funding for NRCSD

State Sen Pete Harckham with NRCSD Supt. Kris Felicello

Garnerville, NY – New York State Senator Pete Harckham announced today that the North Rockland Central School District (NRCSD) is receiving $1 million from the Senate as part of a plan that provides additional funding for school districts experiencing significant financial hardships. 

“My colleagues in the State Senate and I understand that school districts statewide need proper financial support and resources to provide the best education possible for our students,” said Harckham. “This Senate funding, in addition to the school aid given by the state to the North Rockland Central School District, will ensure that instruction and programming remain at their optimal levels while protecting local taxpayers. The Senate leadership deserves thanks for decisively acting on my request to help North Rockland.” 

The Senate funding for NRCSD, which was adopted by resolution in June 2023, was part of an appropriation plan in the state’s FY2024 budget supporting schools that are experiencing extraordinary changes in taxable property valuations or significant tax liabilities because of a tax certiorari settlement or judgment.   

In the case of NRCSD, the funding will help draw down the debt from a 2006 tax certiorari settlement with Mirant Corp., the owner of two power plants in the district that were judged to have been over assessed in prior years. The funding secured by Harckham will help offer taxpayers relief from the Mirant debt crisis in North Rockland, which is the largest tax certiorari in New York State history. 

In the state’s FY2024 Budget, NRCSD received $84.4 million in Foundation Aid, a $17.3 million or 25.9% increase from the prior year’s budget. The district received $112.8 million in state aid, not including the $1 million in announced Senate funding. 

North Rockland Central School District Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kris Felicello said, “This $1 million in Senate funding will go a long way in helping North Rockland pay down some of the annual debt service associated with the 2006 Mirant settlement. We appreciate the work of Senator Harckham in lessening the burden on our taxpayers.”