Harckham Delivers $567K for Nonprofit Organizations to Safeguard Residents, Create Jobs, Boost Local Businesses and More

Hope's Door Visit

Sen. Harckham at Hope’s Door with (l-r) Board Vice President Marisol Sanchez, Board President Ingrid Kessler, Executive Director CarlLa Horton, Chief Operating Officer Phil Morton, Senior Attorney Mia Pergolizzi, Legal Manager Brittany Miraldi, and Direct

Peekskill, NY – New York State Senator Pete Harckham announced this week that he secured $567,500 in funding for local and regional nonprofit organizations in the New York State FY2024 Budget. The funding, which was spread between a dozen organizations, ranged from $17,500 to $85,000. Some of the work accomplished by the nonprofits include job creation, small business support, wellness programs, safeguarding residents and youth development. 

“The investments New York State makes in nonprofit organizations actually save lives and strengthen our communities for the challenges ahead,” said Harckham. “With this funding, we are supporting programs that all are making a difference, and doing so on shoestring budgets. Simply, these nonprofit organizations are on the frontlines in so many important areas. They truly deserve our support.” 

Harckham made his announcement during a visit to Hope’s Door, the Hawthorne, NY-based organization that works with victims of domestic violence while educating teens and others about domestic violence. To view comments Harckham made on his way into the offices at Hope’s Door, click here

Along with funding from private donations, almost all nonprofit organizations rely on public support to cover their programmatic and operational expenses, which can include anything from project equipment to rent, staff salaries, and transportation for volunteers. Public support for nonprofits helps nonprofits to expand their reach, which, in turns, improves life for residents and enriches the communities they serve. With more funding, nonprofits can invest in new programs, resources and people, accept more volunteers and help more people in need of services. 

CarlLa Horton, executive director of Hope’s Door, said, “Home is where you should feel safe and protected, and Hope’s Door is who you call if you’re not. Our mission is to end domestic violence and to empower survivors to achieve safety, independence, and healing from the trauma of abuse. Thanks again, Senator Pete, we couldn't do this work without the help of people like you.” 

The nonprofit organizations Harckham secured funding for in the State FY2024 Budget are:

·         Hope’s Door

·         Peekskill Youth Bureau

·         Holocaust & Human Rights Education Center

·         Prevention Council of Putnam

·         Neighbors Link

·         CEPAB Putnam

·         Living History Education Foundation

·         Peekskill Hispanic Community Corp.

·         My Brother Vinny

·         Hudson Valley Gateway Chamber Foundation

·         CAREERS Support Solutions

·         United Cerebral Palsy Associations of New York State / CP Unlimited-Hudson Valley

Adrienne Vogel, development director of Neighbors Link, said, “Neighbors Link is grateful to Senator Pete Harckham for his assistance in obtaining state grant funding for immigration legal services. True justice is not possible without access to high-quality legal representation. Neighbors Link works to promote the safety and security of new residents through the provision of free immigration legal services. On a daily basis, we see the dramatic impact of these services, as families stay together, obtain employment, attend school and build new lives in New York. We appreciate this funding and Senator Harckham’s support of our mission to strengthen the whole community through the empowerment and integration of immigrants. 

Toni Faiella-Salas, secretary of CEPAB Putnam, said, “Senator Harckham’s office was generous enough to allocate funds to CEPAB Putnam to continue its mission of equity and community unity within the County.  The award will assist the organization to host its annual community events and more, as well as its informative roundtables for community stakeholders. CEPAB will also be able to continue to grow its youth involvement, career readiness initiatives and educational scholarships for Putnam residents. Senator Harckham’s support ensures CEPAB’s capability to continue its commitment to the betterment of all the lives of Putnam County.” 

Paula Miritello, founder and director of My Brother Vinny, said, “My Brother Vinny is a small but mighty organization, serving veterans throughout New York. The vital funding provided to us will have lasting effects on our supportive services, as we continue to be the primary resource combating veteran homelessness in our area of service, providing veterans with life essentials such as furniture, household items, and home goods. We are grateful for Senator Pete Harckham: he understands the importance of providing stability and a solid foundation for our nation’s veterans. As My Brother Vinny continues to have record years of service, it’s all possible due to the necessary funding we receive. We will be able to expand our fleet, store and procure supplies, and strengthen the foundation of our organization’s services. This is transformative and a dream come true.” 

Tina Cornish-Lauria, executive director of CAREERS Support Solutions, said, “CAREERS Support Solutions plays a vital role in the community by empowering people with disabilities. Thanks to funding from the state and our supporters, we are able to provide programs that teach necessary job skills to people with disabilities, place them in appropriate jobs and give them the support needed to stay employed for years—sometimes even decades. People with disabilities want to be productive, tax-paying citizens, and with the support of Sen. Harckham and others, they are contributing members of the community. 

Millie Jasper, executive director of the Holocaust & Human Rights Education Center, said, “The Holocaust & Human Rights Education Center is grateful to Senator Harckham for his steadfast commitment to Holocaust Education. The funding he secured for the Center will help fund programs geared to middle and high school students to enhance their understanding of the Holocaust and how the lessons learned can be applied to today’s world. We provide educational resources to thousands of students in the following programs:  Human Rights Institutes for Middle and High School Student LeadersWhite Rose and April is Genocide Awareness Month contests, resources for the students to meet with Holocaust Survivors, and use of our 4,900-volume library.” 

Tuesday McDonald, executive director of the Peekskill Youth Bureau, said, “The City of Peekskill Youth Bureau is truly thankful to Senator Pete Harckham for the generous state funding to re-establish a Youth Court and create a Media Center. The Youth Court in Peekskill will help to create a supportive and educational environment that empowers youth to take responsibility for their actions, make amends, learn restorative justice principles and develop essential life skills. The new Media Center will help us provide opportunities for youth to develop various skills, such as photography, graphic design, music recording, videography, writing and editing. Both of these initiatives help accomplish our mission goals by focusing on education, peer involvement, skill development and community engagement.” 

Joe Ryan, founder and president of the Living History Education Foundation, said, “On behalf of students, teachers and residents statewide, I thank Senator Harckham for his commitment to the Living History Education Foundation. We will continue to bring American History alive for the upcoming celebration of the 250th anniversary of the American Revolution and our unique national heritage.” 

Kristin McConnell, executive director of the Prevention Council of Putnam (PCP), said, “The Prevention Council of Putnam would like to thank Senator Harckham for securing this much needed funding. The funding has enabled PCP to sustain and expand our recovery services and hire a full time Certified Recovery Peer Advocate (CRPA). The CRPA provides person-centered services to individuals with substance use disorder, to prevent negative outcomes, recidivism and / or reoccurrence. Services may include providing access to harm reduction resources, development of recovery plan, utilization of effective coping skills, linking individuals to recovery supports and modeling life skills for navigating recovery.”

 Penny Pagliaro, executive director of CP Unlimited-Hudson Valley, said, “The generous funding from Senator Peter Harckham will be channeled to new technology and mobility equipment that increases independence for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the Hudson Valley. On behalf of the many wonderful people we support and the entire CP team, I thank Senator Harckham for his friendship, leadership, and support.” 

Dinora Pacheco, co-founder of the Peekskill Hispanic Community Corp., said, “I thank Senator Harckham for his help in providing funding for our organization, which will allow us to continue serving the community with educational opportunities that will allow residents to have better lives and stronger family ties.” 

Carole J. Voisey, executive director of the Hudson Valley Gateway Chamber Foundation, said, “Thanks to Senator Harckham, the funding we received allowed us to implement an online tourist app that highlights the communities of the lower Hudson Valley Gateway region, which will increase tourism and make it easier to explore, plan trips and visit the Hudson Valley. One of the main missions of The Hudson Valley Gateway Chamber Foundation is to develop and execute tactical solutions focused on strengthening the communities of the lower Hudson Valley Gateway region. This is done by providing programs and services promoting local tourism, and by devising visitor information resource initiatives.” 

Video from Harckham’s visit to Hope’s Door can be viewed here.