Senate Passes Stavisky Legislation to Improve Access to Birth Control Medication

ALBANY- This week, the New York State Senate passed Senate bill 1043, sponsored by Senator Toby Ann Stavisky (D- Queens) which is designed to provide improved access to birth control. This legislation will allow pharmacists to dispense birth control medication and devices without a patient specific written prescription from a licensed doctor or nurse practitioner. The patient has to complete a questionnaire that the pharmacist will review to assess any risks to the patient.

“Women in New York State face many obstacles when it comes to accessible birth control,” said Senator Stavisky. “My bill will enable women, some without a health care provider, to obtain medications. Many women with limited income or who live in rural areas will benefit."

The pharmacist will review all questionnaires before making a decision as to whether or not a hormonal contraceptive is safe and appropriate.