Sen. Gounardes: Child Internet Safety Deal is Near

Senator Gounardes joins parents, students and advocates at the Capitol in support of legislation to protect young people on social media.

ALBANY, NY -- With one week left of legislative session, lawmakers have just a few more days to pass the SAFE for Kids Act and the New York Child Data Privacy Act, legislation designed to protect children and teens on social media from addictive algorithms and exploitative data collection.

In response, Senator Andrew Gounardes, the Senate sponsor of both bills, issued the following statement:

"When I first introduced this landmark legislation last fall, I knew regulating social media companies would be a battle, with Big Tech spending big to protect their bottom line. But thanks to the relentless advocacy of young people, parents, educators, and advocates, we're on the verge of a deal to protect kids' privacy and let them enjoy social media free from the unwanted content they didn't sign up for. As a parent of two young children myself, I know how necessary this legislation is for families across the state. I am confident we will get this done before the end of session."

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