Senator Weber Appointed To Senate Elections Committee

Bill Weber

January 22, 2024

Albany, NY – Senator Bill Weber (38th District) has been appointed to the New York State Senate Elections Committee. The appointment is a result of Senator Mark Walczyk (49th District) being deployed to Kuwait for nine months. Senator Walczyk is a Captain in the Army Reserve.

"We are lucky to have citizens like Mark Walczyk serving in the Senate and the military. I thank him for his military service. I am honored to have been appointed to the Senate Elections Committee while he is deployed overseas. Election integrity and ensuring every vote counts are necessary to ensure voter confidence. I will advocate to ensure this is central to everything we do on the committee during this crucial election year.”

Senator Weber also serves on the Budget and Revenue Committee (Ranking Member); the Disabilities Committee (Ranking Member); the Consumer Protection Committee; the Corporations, Authorities and Commissions Committee; and the Education Committee.