Senator George Borrello Announces Repurposing of TLC-Lakeshore Hospital into Behavioral and Mental Health, Addiction Services Facility

photo of TLC Lakeshore Healthcare facility
News comes on the heels of recent announcement that new Brooks Hospital will be built

IRVING, NY – Senator George Borrello hailed the announcement that the former TLC-Lakeshore Hospital will be repurposed into a behavioral and mental health facility and addiction recovery center. The hospital has been vacant since its closure in 2020.

Senator Borrello has been a leading advocate for repurposing and reopening Lakeshore as a healthcare facility, collaborating with various private and public entities to explore options for its revival. Upon receiving confirmation of plans by Northeast Medical (NE MED) to purchase and reopen the facility as a 100+ bed behavioral and mental health center, he said:

“After years of working and waiting, it appears the stars have finally aligned for healthcare in Northern Chautauqua County. The announcement that Northeast Medical is under contract to purchase and operate the former TLC-Lakeshore facility culminates four and a half years of work and advocacy to find another provider to serve our area’s healthcare needs. Coming just weeks after the announcement that the new Brooks Hospital will be built, this latest triumph is more proof that a new era of healthcare is on its way to Chautauqua County.

Particularly important is the fact that this new medical center will restore the mental health services that the area lost when Lakeshore closed. With our population’s mental health and addiction problems skyrocketing, the need for a center like this in our rural community is enormous. Lives will be saved here, and hope restored.

My thanks go out to the team at Northeast Medical, our partners at the Health Department, and our local elected officials whose partnership made this possible. This is truly a ‘win’ that deserves to be celebrated.”