Senator Rivera's End Of Session Update

“I'm proud of the strides we've made this year to implement policies that improve the lives of New York families. As a Bronx representative and Chair of the Senate Health Committee, my priority is addressing health inequities in our community and throughout the state. I will remain focused on the crucial services that New Yorkers rely on, including health, education, and security, as I celebrate some of the achievements of the 2024 legislative session.

“I am committed to our responsibility as legislators to continuously strive to identify and rectify systemic barriers hindering progress and prosperity, especially in health. I am grateful that Majority Leader Stewart-Cousins and the Senate Democratic Majority are a collaborative force to address the issues impacting New Yorkers the most.

“We passed historic legislation, the Local Input in Community Healthcare Act (S8843A), to address the increase in hospital and critical unit closures by ensuring community engagement and transparency in the process for the state to review a proposed closure. This bill passed both houses and we hope it will be signed into law soon to ensure communities have a say in their local healthcare access.

“This year, we successfully passed my Coverage for All bill (S2237A/A3020A) on the Senate floor again and I’m proud that my colleagues continued their support of a common sense measure that would expand health coverage to all New Yorkers and save our state hundreds of millions of dollars. The fight continues to pass this crucial bill through both houses to bring it to the Governor’s desk.

“As our state grapples with the painful overdose epidemic that affects more families every day, I am disappointed that we did not pass my bill to authorize an expansion of life-saving Overdose Prevention Centers in New York (S399B). These centers are proven to save lives and bring comprehensive medical and supportive services to New Yorkers struggling with substance abuse so they have a chance at recovery. We will persist in advancing this initiative, which has the potential to be a lifesaver for our communities, and will continue proposing positive measures for a better future for all New Yorkers.”

Highlights of Senator Rivera’s Legislative Accomplishments that Passed both Houses:

  • Requires insurance coverage for epinephrine auto-injectors and caps their yearly cost of 2 EpiPens at $100 (S7114-A)
  • The Local Input in Community Healthcare Act requires public notice and public engagement when a general hospital seeks to close entirely or a unit that provides emergency, maternity, mental health or substance use care (S8843-A)
    Protects coverage for services provided by school-based health centers for Medicaid recipients (S7840)
  • Requires the Division of Housing and Community Renewal to publish a database of major capital improvements on its website (S2363-A)
  • Requires review of reimbursement adequacy for early intervention services (S1198-A)


Highlights of Senator Rivera’s Legislative Accomplishments that Passed the Senate:

  • Enacts Coverage for All, by expanding coverage for certain individuals under the 1332 state innovation program (S2237-B)
  • Strengthens protections for patients regarding sexual misconduct by medical providers and establishes a Zero-Tolerance Policy (S70223-A)
  • Requires community board review of all motor vehicle repair shop renewals applicants (S5936-A)
  • Requires training for inspectors on identifying controlled substances, provides for education on overdose prevention for providers, and informs parents of their rights at child family home day care programs and facilities (S7815-A)
  • Allows a licensed pharmacist to order and administer certain tests (S3467-A)
  • Provides for coverage for the treatment of asthma (S4889)
  • Enacts the "New York affordable drug manufacturing act" to increase patient access to affordable drugs (S4786-A)


Highlights of Senator Rivera’s Accomplishments that Passed the Health Committee:


  • Repeal limitations on certain eligibility requirements for an individual to receive personal care and private duty nursing services under Medicaid (S328)
  • Enacts the safer consumption services pilot program act (S399-B)
  • Enhance the role of primary care in New York's current healthcare delivery to improve the general health of residents and avoid more costly health interventions down the road (S1197-B)
  • Provides parity to durable medical equipment providers by requiring Medicaid managed care organizations to reimburse such providers (S3468)
  • Grants medical assistance eligibility for kidney transplant expenses to include undocumented persons in New York (S3577)
  • Amend the Social Services Law and the Mental Hygiene Law, to expand protections regarding violations of safety conditions in adult care facilities (S5472-A)
  • Amend the Public Health Law and the Tax Law to establish a pilot hospital medical debt relief program (S5909-B)
  • Requires the Department of Health to analyze and update federally qualified health center (FQHC) rates that are over two decades old (S6959-A)
  • Prohibits state-operated hospitals from suing patients for medical debt (S7778)
  • Aims to prohibit such discriminatory practices and ensure that the savings from the 340B program remain available to safety-net healthcare providers in New York State (S8992)
  • Provides lead service line identification for certain water systems (S9345)


Senate Majority Accomplishments


  • Prescription Drug Affordability Measures, including Senator Rivera’s New York State Affordable Drug Manufacturing Act (S4786-A)
  • Good Cause Eviction tenant protections for unregulated rental units (Passed in the Budget)
  • The Emergency Medical Services and Responders Package, including Senator Rivera’s bill creating a Uniform Ambulance Service Assessment (S.5122)
  • Lithium-Ion Battery Safety Standards
  • Packaging Reduction and Recycling Infrastructure Act (PRRIA) requiring companies to reduce their overall packaging use and improve the recyclability of their products (Passed the Senate)
  • The NY HEAT Act (Passed the Senate)
  • Climate Change Superfund Act (Passed Both Houses)
  • The Stop Addictive Feeds Exploitation (SAFE) for Kids Act and The Child Data Protection Act to protect children from addictive algorithms and data collection, placing power back in the hands of parents
  • Legislative measures to advance responsible and effective firearm regulation. Provide funding for anti-violence education in schools, add reasonable restrictions to the open carry of long guns
  • Strengthen the rights of victims of domestic and sexual violence and expand protections for survivors

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