Sen. Sanders, Community Advocacy Lead to MTA Reversing Course: South Ozone Park Bus Stop to Be Reinstated

Olalekan Omodunbi

March 12, 2024

Q10 Bus.senatorsanders.png

Queens, NY – March 12, 2024  – In a major victory for community activism, the MTA has announced the reinstatement of the southbound Q10 bus stop on 130th Street and Sutter Avenue in South Ozone Park, Queens.  The decision comes after months of tireless advocacy by residents, spearheaded by the office of Senator Sanders and District Leader Richard David.

The bus stop's removal last summer significantly disrupted commutes, particularly for elderly and disabled residents who relied on the service. The hardship sparked a determined campaign to restore the vital transit link.

From late last year through the start of 2024, our office stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the resilient residents of South Ozone Park  and District Leader Richard David in their fight to reinstate the crucial bus stop. The Office of Senator Sanders joined the petitioning efforts back in October 2023, and in February, helped rally residents to make their voices heard at the MTA general board meeting.  After months of unwavering advocacy, the MTA finally announced at the Queens Community Board 10 meeting that the bus stop would be restored, bringing much-needed relief to the South Ozone Park community.

"I am thrilled the MTA will reinstate the Q10 bus stop at 130th Street and Sutter Avenue going towards JFK.  This wouldn't have happened without our community coming together," said Michelle Yaskel, a South Ozone Park resident.

Shayna Hewitt, another resident, added, "I felt proud to be part of the organization advocating for the reinstatement of the bus stop alongside my fellow residents. Our voices made a difference.”

The victory, while welcomed, underscores concerns about the MTA's broader Queens Bus Network Redesign, which would replace the Q10 with the Q9 along the 130th Street corridor.

District Leader Richard David emphasizes the importance of community input: "The MTA's initial decision undermined public trust. Restoring the stop is a positive step, but they must work with the community regarding the Queens Bus Redesign to avoid future conflict."

Zaleema Shah, who played a pivotal role in organizing the advocacy effort, highlights the potential hardships of the redesign: "The MTA needs to prioritize fairness. Replacing the Q10 with the Q9 is an undue burden on our neighborhood... It undermines accessibility and affordability."

Despite this positive step, tensions remain high as residents express opposition to the MTA's broader Queens Bus Network Redesign, which would replace the Q10 with the Q9 along the 130th Street corridor.

Senator Sanders' office reaffirms its commitment to the community: "Our office stands with South Ozone Park. We will continue to fight for fairness and ensure residents' voices are central to decisions that impact their lives."