Senator Sanders Expresses Condolences, Calls for Respect and Privacy Following Officer's Tragic Death

James Sanders Jr.

March 30, 2024

Senator Sanders-mourns- Officer Diller.jpg

Queens, NY – Senator Sanders, representing the 10th district where a recent shooting tragically claimed the life of Officer Jonathan Diller, issued the following statement:

My heart breaks for the family, friends, and colleagues of Officer Jonathan Diller, and for our entire community in the wake of this devastating loss. Officer Diller's dedication and sacrifice will never be forgotten. To his family, I offer my deepest condolences. No words can adequately express the sorrow and pain you are facing. Please know that our community stands with you, and you have the right to grieve in peace. It is disrespectful and inappropriate for anyone to turn your time of mourning into a circus.

I also want to address the behavior directed toward the Governor yesterday. Such actions were uncalled for and disrespectful to the memory of Officer Diller and the gravity of this situation. While we may disagree on matters of policy, we must remain united in our support for law enforcement, allow for the grieving process, and always maintain basic human decency.

Unfortunately, due to a pressing family emergency this morning, I am unable to personally attend Officer Diller’s funeral.  However, I will be there in spirit, honoring his life and service. My thoughts remain with those affected by this tragedy.