Griffo and Miller to SUNY: All state colleges should use flatware ‘Made in NY’

Sen. Joseph Griffo recently toured Sherrill Manufacturing in Sherrill.

Following the State University of New York’s decision to phase out the usage of plastic utensils and other single-use plastics, New York State Sen. Joseph Griffo, R-C-Rome, and Assemblyman Brian Miller, R-C-New Hartford, are calling on the SUNY system and governor to use dining flatware products made in New York. 

Sen. Griffo and Assemblyman Miller indicated that Sherrill Manufacturing – a Sherrill-based company located in the senator and assemblyman's legislative districts and the last remaining flatware manufacturer in the U.S. – would be a more-than-capable partner for the state as it looks to move away from single-use plastic utensils on SUNY campuses. 

Sen. Griffo will be speaking with top SUNY and Office of General Services officials to arrange a meeting to present this idea and advocate in support of it. 

“Our SUNY schools are funded by New York tax dollars and primarily attended by New York’s residents, so it should go without saying that SUNY schools should take pride in the fine products that are manufactured right here in our state,” said Sen. Griffo. “As more and more people today are seeking to purchase locally made products, we should do everything we can and lead by example to show that we stand with our local manufacturers while remaining environmentally conscious. The more we can support these hard-working employees, the more we can strengthen our local economies and sustain our jobs across the state.” 

"As we move towards a more sustainable future, it's imperative that our state institutions lead by example. Sherrill Manufacturing stands as a testament to American craftsmanship and resilience,” said Assemblyman Miller. “I firmly believe that partnering with them for SUNY's transition away from single-use plastics is not only a practical choice, but also a statement of our commitment to our state's economy. We should focus on supporting our long-standing New York State businesses and this is a great way to set that example, while preserving jobs in our communities.” 

More information on Sherrill Manufacturing and Liberty Tabletop can be found here.