Addabbo Co-Sponsored Legislation Establishing a Central Registry of Freight Operators, Rail Cars, and Lines Approved By NYS Senate

Joseph P. Addabbo Jr.

May 15, 2024

Queens, NY (May 15, 2024): Legislation co-sponsored by NYS Senator Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr. establishing a central registry containing reports, audits, plans, and public inspections of freight rail operators, rail cars, and freight lines was approved by the New York State Senate on May 6th.
“Last year, my bill requiring trash transported by rail to be covered and secured more effectively was enacted into law. This new Senate bill, S.6922, builds on our commitment to ensure residents in rail communities are provided the transparency they deserve regarding freight rail safety,” stated Addabbo.
Freight train derailments throughout the United States, including East Palestine, Ohio, drew attention to the reality that communities could benefit from having access to a central database containing reports, audits, and public inspections for freight rail operators. 
More specifically, this bill will help ensure valuable information is accessible to rail communities by requiring the Department of Transportation to establish a central registry of reports, audits, plans, and public inspections regarding freight rail operators, rail cars, and freight lines or routes and rights of way.
“Expanding our existing rail safety laws is vital to keeping our communities safe, including quality of life standards and oversight of all freight rail infrastructure components. 'The central registry will provide residents access to important safety records of freight railroads operating in their neighborhood,” added Addabbo.
Now that the bill has passed the State Senate, it is under review by the NYS Assembly Transportation Committee.