Addabbo Encourages Youth to Participate in the New York State Senate's 2024 Summer Reading Program

Joseph P. Addabbo Jr.

July 2, 2024

Summer reading is great to keep minds active while school is out.

Senator Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr. invites parents and guardians from across his district to track their children's summer reading activity. By going to the website below and filling in the names and information of three books read by your child this summer, the participant will receive a Certificate of Achievement from Senator Addabbo. This year’s theme is, “Adventure Begins at Your Library.”


The deadline for submissions is September 1, 2024. More resources and facts about summer reading can be found at:

•     New York's Libraries:

•     Scholastic's Kids and Families Reading Report:


Reading during the summer is important for children for several reasons:

Preventing the “Summer Slide” – The “summer slide” is a common term used to describe when students forget some of the skills and knowledge that they learned throughout the school year while they are on break for the summer. Reading during this time allows children to maintain or improve their reading abilities.

Practice leads to improvement - Reading during the summer months helps children improve their literacy skills, vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency. It can also enhance their writing skills and critical thinking abilities.

Creating a reading spark - Summer reading can spark a lifelong love for reading and learning. When children enjoy reading, they are more likely to continue reading throughout their lives, which can have numerous benefits for their academic and personal development.


Becoming a well-rounded person - Reading allows children to explore new ideas, cultures, perspectives, and experiences. This broadens their views and enhances their creativity, leading to empathy and understanding of others.

Boosting confidence and independence - Regular reading during the summer can increase children's confidence in their ability to read and promote independent learning. It challenges them to explore topics of interest on their own and become more self-reliant learners.

“Reading during the summer helps keep children’s minds sharp, and opens up new worlds of learning and adventure,” Addabbo said. “Every year I am proud to participate in the Senate’s Summer Reading Program, which provides a great incentive to get youth to read by allowing them to track their progress, and then they get a certificate from me. Hopefully that gives them a sense of accomplishment and I always enjoy seeing what books children are reading.”