Addabbo Hosts Festive Mother's Day Concert in Support of Local Youth

Joseph P. Addabbo Jr.

May 10, 2024

Many talented musicians performed at the Mother's Day concert led by Harmony 4 All.

Many talented musicians performed at the Mother's Day concert led by Harmony 4 All.

Senator Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr. helped bring the joy and warmth of Mother’s Day to the community by hosting an evening of classical music orchestrated by Harmony 4 All on May 10, 2024, at PS / IS 49 in Middle Village. Attendees were treated to an enchanting musical experience filled with delightful performances. 

Harmony 4 All was co-founded by Bianca Quddus and her brother Joshua Quddus. They are dedicated to bringing the gift of music to underserved students throughout local schools, because they believe in the transformative power of musical education as a vital form of emotional and intellectual enrichment. By breaking down financial barriers and providing access to musical resources, they empower students to pursue their passion for music and artistic expression. 

Harmony 4 All donated funds to have the piano tuned at PS / IS 49. It had not been in working condition for five years, but now it can be used by the school’s students for learning and enjoyment.

At the Mother’s Day concert, Harmony 4 All were accompanied by other musicians including Joshua’s teacher Willie Morris and Bianca’s teacher Jo-Ann Sternberg, both of whom are teachers at The Juilliard School and educated the duo through the Juilliard Music Advancement Program. Also participating were Aaron Alur, a fourth-grade pianist and percussionist who is also enrolled in the Juilliard Music Advancement Program, and the Happiness Factory, a family of musicians, originally from Paris, who founded a non-profit organization which plays music for the elderly. 

“I am proud to help facilitate this event that will showcase the musical talent of the youth in our community, while also promoting the worthy vision of Harmony 4 All,” Addabbo said. “Listening to classical music is a great way to enjoy special times with the ones we love.”

This was the third concert in which Harmony 4 All partnered with Senator Addabbo. The first was a Christmas themed show and the second commemorated Valentine’s Day, 

Senator Addabbo would like to thank all of the participants and PS/IS 49 for their support in allowing the use of their space for the concert. 

More information on Harmony 4 All can be found on their website

Videos from the Mother’s Day Concert are available on Senator Addabbo’s YouTube channel at