Addabbo NYPD Pension Fund Legislation Passed As Part of the 2024-2025 Adopted State Budget

Joseph P. Addabbo Jr.

April 22, 2024

New York State Senate Civil Service and Pensions Committee member Senator Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr., and prime sponsor of legislation (S.2148) to provide equitable benefits for experienced police officers in the police pension fund, announced its passage as part of FY 2024-25 Adopted State Budget.

“Noting the need to improve the incentive for police officers to continue serving in the NYPD beyond the required minimum number of years for retirement, we need to retain their experience and leadership,” stated Addabbo. “My bill provides a much-needed incentive to keep our most experienced police officers in the ranks for their entire career,” concluded Addabbo.

The current police officer recruitment and retention crisis in New York is projected to continue at historic levels, leading to an increase in police overtime and crime that impacts New Yorkers. Addabbo’s bill enacts important pension benefits that would help to enhance public safety and prevent the loss of vital public services.

More specifically, a first-grade police officer who has served in the rank of a police officer for 25 years, would have the same rights in the police pension fund as a police third-grade detective who has served for two years at the highest salary rate for the rank. Additionally, when a first-grade police officer has served for 30 years, the officer has the same police pension fund rights as a sergeant who served for two years at the highest salary rate for a sergeant.

“Creating a retirement benefit incentivizing  NYPD longevity is common sense because it goes beyond maintaining experienced, knowledgeable officers who will enhance public protections through their understanding of the job, while also improving the safety of freshman officers who train from skilled, veteran officers,” Addabbo added. “Effectively fighting crime, protecting residents and businesses in our neighborhood, while helping to improve the safety of all law enforcement are just some of the reasons why the passage of my bill has a significant impact on all New Yorkers,” Addabbo ended.