Senator Addabbo Urges Constituents to Keep Themselves and Their Pets Safe During the Summer Heat

Joseph P. Addabbo Jr.

July 2, 2024

Keep pets safe from the summer heat.

As summer temperatures increase, Senator Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr. reminds pet owners to take extra precautions to ensure the well-being of their furry companions. With heatwaves gripping the city, it's crucial to keep pets cool and comfortable during the hot summer months.

Considering these concerns, various animal organizations have put together a list of tips to help pet owners keep their animals safe and cool as the mercury rises. These simple strategies can make a significant difference in ensuring the health and happiness of pets during the summer season:

Hydration is Key - Always provide pets with access to fresh, clean water to keep them hydrated throughout the day.

Avoid Midday Heat - Limit outdoor activities during the hottest part of the day and opt for early morning or evening walks.

Shade and Shelter - Ensure pets have access to shady areas or a cool spot indoors to retreat from the sun.

Never Leave Pets in Cars - Even with the windows cracked, cars can quickly become dangerously hot for pets.

Don’t Let Dogs Linger on Hot Asphalt - When the temperature is very high, being so close to the ground can cause your dog’s body to heat up quickly, and sensitive paw pads can burn. Keep walks during these times to a minimum.

Cooling Accessories - Consider using cooling mats, vests, or bandanas to help pets beat the heat.

Watch for Signs of Heatstroke - These are heavy panting, glazed eyes, a rapid heartbeat, difficulty breathing, excessive thirst, lethargy, fever, dizziness, lack of coordination, profuse salivation, vomiting, a deep red or purple tongue, seizure, and unconsciousness.

If you suspect your pet is suffering from heatstroke, the Humane Society of the United States says: Move your pet into the shade or an air-conditioned area. Apply ice packs or cold towels to their head, neck and chest or run cool (not cold) water over them. Let them drink small amounts of cool water or lick ice cubes. Take them directly to a veterinarian.

“As temperatures rise, we can sweat, get dehydrated, sunburned, sunstroke and overall become uncomfortable, so can you imagine battling the heat while wearing a fur coat like our animals do, in addition to not being able to verbalize their suffering,” Addabbo said.  “Our pets need us to protect them from the dangers of excessive heat because they can’t protect themselves. By following some simple tips, we can ensure that our pets stay healthy and happy during the summer season."

Additionally, the city of New York is taking steps to help residents stay cool during the summer heat. Cooling centers are available throughout the city to provide relief from high temperatures. Residents can visit these centers to cool off and escape the sweltering weather. More information is available at the link below:

For more information on summer pet care tips, visit

To learn how to help a pet left inside a hot car by taking action or calling for help, visit the link below:

Stay safe and cool this summer!