Senator Parker's Legislation Confirms the Challenges Many in the Transgender Community Face

Jaukia McConeyhead

January 11, 2024



Brooklyn, NY- State Senator Kevin Parker proudly acknowledges the transformative impact of legislation (S.5933-A/A.8133), a bill he championed alongside co-sponsor Assemblywoman Amy Paulin, which Governor Hochul signed into law in August 2022. This groundbreaking legislation directed the Department of Labor to conduct a comprehensive study on the statewide employment rates of transgender individuals, in consultation with the Division of Human Rights. 


Senator Parker emphasized the importance of this initiative, stating:  "Thanks to the passage of S.5933-A and the implementation of its study on the employment of transgender persons within the state, we can encapsulate verified data on the disadvantages transgender individuals face in obtaining employment and maneuvering through the workforce. Furthermore, a preliminary study by the state's Department of Labor and its Division of Human Rights will help ensure that the necessary steps are taken so that transgender individuals are afforded the same opportunities to make a livelihood as the population at-large. I applaud Governor Hochul for her consistent support in the protection of transgender rights and for her continuous efforts to ensure that all people are treated fairly." 


The study shares critical findings that underscore the urgent need for targeted interventions in creating a more inclusive and equitable workforce for trans individuals. Among the most significant are:

 ▪ Employment discrimination rooted in gender identity permeates every corner of the state. 

▪ Transgender and gender non-conforming non-binary (TGNCNB) people of color face heightened employment disparities.

 ▪ A statewide deficiency in cultural competency regarding gender identity and expression is evident. 

▪ Genuine safety concerns plague the workplace experiences of TGNCNB individuals. 

▪ Discrimination and various barriers have pushed TGNCNB New Yorkers toward pursuing self-employment opportunities. 

Moreover, the study highlights regional differences in the experiences of TGNCNB individuals, indicating distinctions between New York City and other large cities versus those in more rural areas of the state. This historic legislation marks a significant step forward in the fight against discrimination and inequality. The collaborative efforts of Senator Parker and Assemblywoman Paulin alongside Governor Hochul's commitment have paved the way for positive change in New York State. 

                                                            About State Senator Kevin Parker 

Senator Kevin S. Parker is intimately familiar with the needs of his ethnically diverse Brooklyn district comprising sections of Flatbush, East Flatbush, Kensington, Ditmas Park, Midwood, Flatlands, Canarsie, Georgetown, Old Mill Basin, Mill Basin, Marine Park, and Bergen Beach. A lifelong Brooklyn resident, Senator Parker is the Chairman of the Senate Energy and Telecommunications Committee and a member of several other Senate committees including Finance, Rules, Banks, Internet and Technology, as well as Budget and Revenue.