Statement from Senator Liz Krueger on Decision by Governor Hochul to Indefinitely Delay Congestion Pricing Implementation

Liz Krueger

June 5, 2024

The NYS Senate Seal

Albany -- State Senator Liz Krueger released the following statement regarding Governor Hochul's decision to indefinitely delay implementation of congestion pricing:

"The Governor’s reckless decision to effectively kill congestion pricing in New York City - and every other city in America that is considering following New York’s example - is a staggering error.

"She has single-handedly created a financial and fiduciary crisis for the MTA Board, which is the body charged with making any decision regarding implementation of congestion pricing. They have done so after a years-long process to create a plan that has been thoroughly thought through and vetted, and would distribute the cost of supporting our regionally-critical transportation network throughout the region it serves. The Governor is now tearing all of that up on a political whim.
"The Board has a legal and fiduciary responsibility to find an alternative source of funds or open themselves and the MTA up to lawsuits over multiple contractual agreements that have already been put in place. The Governor has stated that she has a billion dollars available to replace congestion pricing as a funding source for this year, but as the Chair of the Senate Finance Committee, I am not aware of what she is referring to or where she believes that money will come from.

"The Governor is obligated to answer the question of where new revenue will come from not only for this year, but for every year going forward. The Legislature certainly will not be rushing to raise taxes on hard-working New York City residents and small businesses.
"On top of the financial crisis she is creating, this is simply a terrible policy decision, full stop. Not only have we failed to enact major climate legislation so far this session, but to walk back previously-passed policies to reduce emissions – exactly one year after our skies turned apocalyptic yellow from wildfire smoke – is a complete dereliction of our responsibility and a slap in the face to the next generation. It is also contrary to our Climate Law, which requires every government decision to be measured against our emission-reduction targets, and against New Yorkers’ constitutional right to clean air and a healthful environment, which voters just approved by an overwhelming majority in the last election.
"Congestion pricing will provide a significant benefit to New York City residents and commuters, the overwhelming majority of whom use mass transit and walk to get where they need to go, and all of whom breathe the city’s air. Surrendering carefully considered policy in the face of a vocal minority, trading in the interests of millions of New Yorkers, and plunging the MTA into a massive fiscal crisis for baldly political reasons is absolutely appalling."