State Senator Mark Walczyk response to the State of the State address

Mark Walczyk

January 10, 2024

January 9, 2024 


State Senator Mark Walczyk issued the following statement in response to the State of the State address: 

 “The Governor’s address today has set the table for the upcoming Legislative Session and budget negotiations.  She acknowledged what many have been saying for years:  the Federal COVID funds have dried up and it’s time for Albany to pinch pennies.  If you listened to the same address I did, you’ll likely realize there doesn’t appear to be much fiscal restraint in Albany this coming year.    

 The Executive is proposal billions in new spending, more ‘affordable housing’ and millions more to make New York the AI capital of the country.  The Governor is proposing ripping away revenue sources for hospitals.  Health costs will skyrocket and your insurance rates will go up.  It also appears the Governor wants to further erode Constitutional rights, like the 2nd Amendment, from New Yorkers with charges that have been dismissed.          

 Throwing tax dollars around and infringing upon the rights from our founding isn’t going to address the affordability crisis every New Yorker faces.  Or the outmigration we’ve seen over the past decade.  Cutting taxes, reining in spending and keeping businesses here will solve those problems.  Affordability is at the top of everyone’s mind and what the Governor is proposing is far from affordable."