Senator Hinchey Statement on Central Hudson Settlement

Office of NYS Senator Michelle Hinchey

June 20, 2024

Senator Michelle Hinchey

KINGSTON, NY – Senator Michelle Hinchey issued the following statement in response to today’s decision by the Public Service Commission (PSC) to approve a $62.59 million settlement with Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corporation and up to an additional $2 million in the Customer Benefit Fund if the company fails to deliver monthly meter readings by October 2024:

The decision today by the PSC is a major step forward in finally holding Central Hudson accountable for its negligent billing practices that have been plaguing customers since 2021. Despite having years to fix its system, Central Hudson has passed the buck and, in doing so, has failed to take accountability or right the wrongs they have caused. This settlement finally forces Central Hudson to change its practices while also protecting ratepayers by ensuring that shareholders will be the ones paying this cost. While this ruling forces a systemic change within Central Hudson, it does not change the fact that individual customers have been harmed, with many continuing to face billing problems still today. The process for individuals to seek justice directly with the PSC still stands, and those affected should file independent cases with the Department of Public Service (DPS). This settlement reinforces what we've been fighting for since 2021 when we introduced the bill to ban estimated billing once and for all: that Central Hudson has failed in their responsibility to provide reliable service to their customers and must work to regain the trust of Hudson Valley residents. I thank the PSC for listening to our calls for action, for their diligence, and for their commitment to holding Central Hudson accountable while doing everything within their purview to ensure that this never happens again."