Senate And Assembly Republicans Introduce Legislation To Allow Law Enforcement Cooperation With Federal Immigration Officials

ortt/barclay presser
Bill Would Reverse Disastrous “Sanctuary” Policies That Have Exacerbated the Migrant Crisis

Senate Republican Leader Rob Ortt, Assembly Republican Leader Will Barclay, along with Deputy Republican Leader Andrew Lanza and Assemblyman Jarett Gandolfo today announced the introduction of legislation aimed at stemming the unsustainable influx of illegal migrants into New York State. 


In 2017, former Governor Andrew Cuomo signed Executive Order 170, which effectively designated New York as a sanctuary state and tied the hands of law enforcement when it came to cooperating with federal ICE agents. Governor Hochul as Governor has the ability to rescind this order, but has not, and has taken no action to address the massive influx of illegal immigrants into New York City and the state. 


In response to the inaction of the Governor, Senator Lanza and Assemblyman Gandolfo  introduced legislation (S.8533/A.9167) that would require local and state law enforcement and certain courts to notify ICE of the arrest or conviction of non-citizens, would reinstate the maximum sentence for 365 day maximum sentence for a class A misdemeanor, and would repeal the “protect our courts act” of 2020 which was designed to discourage cooperation and enforcement of federal immigration laws.


“The migrant crisis continues to spiral out of control as a direct result of open borders, sanctuary policies, and soft-on-crime measures championed by Democrats at the state and federal level. Governor Hochul and President Biden could take measures to reverse the massive influx of migrants with the stroke of their pens, but they continue to allow it unchecked – leaving New York taxpayers on the hook and our streets less safe. I applaud Senator Lanza and Assemblyman Gandolfo for this bill that will ensure law enforcement can cooperate with federal officials – if our Governor and President won’t act to protect New Yorkers, the Legislature must step in to do so,” said Senate Republican Leader Rob Ortt. 


“Joe Biden left the southern border open for three years, and illegal migrants have taken full advantage of the welcome mat rolled out by New York Democrats. By undermining the authority of ICE and other federal agencies, Democrats threw gas on a fire and have no ability to get it under control. I commend Assemblyman Gandolfo and Senator Lanza for introducing this legislation as the migrant crisis continues to intensify. It’s time to restore the basic protocols that protect our nation’s sovereignty and our citizens,” said Assembly Minority Leader Will Barclay.


“The failed immigration policies of President Biden and Governor Hochul are making New Yorkers less safe.  Illegal migrants attacking our citizens and our brave men and women in law enforcement must be deported.  This bill reverses course and allows our courts and police to notify federal authorities to get these dangerous people off our streets.   I want to thank Assemblyman Gandolfo for sponsoring this bill in the Assembly, and Leaders Ortt and Barclay for their steadfast leadership on this issue,” said Senate Deputy Minority Leader Andrew Lanza.

“New York Democrats have consistently worked to undermine federal immigration authorities and protect those who enter the United States illegally. When migrants feel emboldened to commit acts of violence against New Yorkers, including police officers, it is clear that we need immediate action. We must compel law enforcement at every level to cooperate with ICE, and strengthen our laws so that New York is no longer a preferred destination for illegal immigrants - especially those with criminal intent,” said Assemblyman Jarett Gandolfo.

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