Senate Republicans Voice Economic Concerns Over Aggressive New Mandate On Businesses

Robert G. Ortt

May 22, 2024

Senate Republican Conference Presser
“Packaging Reduction and Recycling Infrastructure Act” Will Drive Up Consumer Costs
Full Video & Audio from today’s presser
New York State Senate Republican Leader Rob Ortt, along with Senator Dan Stec, Ranking Member of the Senate Environmental Conservation Committee, Senator Pam Helming and members of the Senate Republican Conference today stood in opposition to the Packaging Reduction and Recycling Infrastructure Act  (S4246-B), a crushing new mandate on businesses that will lead to higher costs for consumers. 
This bill would impose costly new mandates and additional burdensome red tape for New York businesses by forcing businesses to register with a packaging reduction organization and setting unrealistic timelines for the elimination of certain materials for packaging purposes. This legislation will further drive up the cost of doing business in the State, and will lead to more job losses and businesses leaving the state. It will lead to even higher consumer costs at a time when New York’s economy is already struggling and outmigration is at an all-time high. 
“This is the latest bill under the guise of helping the environment that will further drive up the cost of doing business, force businesses to close their doors or move to another state, and drive up the costs of consumer goods for struggling New Yorkers, while having very little beneficial environmental impact. We cannot continue down the road of crushing mandates that harm our businesses while leading to higher costs for New Yorkers – enough is enough,” said Senate Republican Leader Rob Ortt. 
“The Packaging Reduction and Recycling Infrastructure Act legislation pushed by Democrat leaders isn’t just impractical; it’s a devastating blow to small businesses across our state. These heavy-handed, unwieldy mandates cost nearly $1 billion to implement and would lead to massive job loss, increased consumer costs and possibly certain essential products no longer being sold in New York. Improving our state’s low recycling rates is important, but this legislation fails to do that and will only cause more harm to our already lagging economy,” said Senator Dan Stec, ranking member of the Senate Environmental Conservation Committee. 
“This is a mandate that would impact major employers in my district, including food and beverage manufacturers, and packaging and printing companies throughout Greater Rochester and the Finger Lakes. With the high cost of living and the high cost of doing business in New York, why are we considering yet another mandate that could drive more investment, jobs and families out of our state? We must take steps to protect our environment, expand recycling and reduce waste. But we need realistic solutions with practical timelines. This bill is not a reasonable solution, ”said Senator Pam Helming, Senate Republican Conference Chair.
According to a recent Consumer Cost Study conducted by the Business Council of New York State, consumers could be faced with a $1 billion dollar a year cost increase over a five year period. This could lead to increased household costs of $720 per household, at a time when New Yorkers are already struggling to make ends meet amidst skyrocketing costs and rates of inflation. 
“This is the latest  unrealistic ‘climate’ proposal that will make it more difficult to do business here in New York, continue to drive up costs for consumers who are already struggling to get by, and encourage even more New Yorkers to leave the state in search of more affordability and opportunity elsewhere,” concluded Senator Ortt. 

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