Senate Approves Measures to Aid Statewide Storm Recovery, Relief, and Response Efforts

An oak tree damaged by a storm.
Increased storm severity and frequency are the focus of Senate measures aimed at mitigating climate and construction impacts on New York ecosystems.

The New York State Senate today passed legislation to coalesce climate-related relief and research throughout the state to improve services and meet the challenges brought by increased storm severity and frequency. Read the Senate Majority press release.

Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins said, “As we witness the devastating impact of recent storms on our communities, it is clear that swift and effective action is needed to aid in the recovery process. Our residents are facing unimaginable challenges, and it is our duty as elected officials to provide the support and resources necessary to rebuild and heal. Today, I am proud to announce our commitment to introducing comprehensive storm recovery legislation that will not only address the immediate needs of our constituents but also establish a resilient foundation for the future. I am particularly proud of my bill in this package which will help New Yorkers facing housing insecurity after being stuck with large property tax bills following severe weather events. By working together and prioritizing the well-being of our citizens, we can ensure that New York emerges from these difficult times stronger and more prepared to face the challenges of tomorrow.”

Bill Sponsor and Chair of the Environmental Conservation Committee, Senator Pete Harckham said, “Due to climate change, regular storms now often become superstorms. We need to address this issue head-on because residents and business owners have pressing questions about property damage, avenues for assistance, and recovery efforts. This new package of legislation focuses on storm management, preparedness, and cost assessments. It also includes bills I introduced to make the public aware of pollutant discharges and the state’s expenditures in response to storms, two areas where greater transparency is needed.”

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