Senator Toby Ann Stavisky Honors Dr. Hari Krishna Shukla with Liberty Medal

Senator Stavisky & Dr. Shukla on the Senate Floor

Senator Stavisky & Dr. Shukla on the Senate Floor

Dr. Shukla is the first South-Asian American to receive this prestigious recognition

ALBANY- This week, Senator Toby Ann Stavisky (11th SD- Queens) presented Dr. Hari Shukla with the Liberty Medal on the Senate floor, recognizing his life-saving work in the field of neo-natal pediatric medicine. Dr. Shukla, a Queens resident, has operated his own practice in Flushing, Queens, for more than three decades, serving thousands of young patients, with a focus on the South Asian community. 

Dr. Shukla has received international acclaim for his work in advancing the science of how doctors treat infants born prematurely. Dr. Shukla is most renowned for developing a mathematical formula that helps to deliver critical fluids and medications more safely to premature children both intravenously and through the umbilical cord. Known as “Shukla’s formula,” the doctor’s innovation improved this process by more than 25% over previous methods, helping to save thousands of lives around the world. 

Dr. Shukla’s life’s work in the field of neo-natal pediatric medicine warrants this honor. Senator Stavisky presented the Liberty Medal, New York State’s highest award, during a session of the Senate on May 15th.

This is the first time Senator Toby Ann Stavisky has presented the Liberty Medal to any constituent. Dr. Shukla was joined by his wife Kirti and family friends Dilip and Dipa Nath at the medal presentation.