Senate Martins Invites Rabbi White to Deliver the Invocation for the New York State Senate

April 18, 2012

Rabbi Michael White from Temple Sinai in Roslyn Heights went to Albany with a group of teens from the community to talk to Senator Jack M. Martins about bullying the cyberbulling, which is a major problem facing teens.

"Bullying, in any form, should not be tolerated. It is hurtful and can hamper a student's ability to focus on their studies and hurt self-esteem. It's difficult enough being a teenager without having to be bullied. Those that would bully a classmate need to be made aware of the damage they can cause other families. I want to thank the community for recognizing this problem and raising awareness," Senator Martins said.

Senator Martins invited Rabbi White to deliver the invocation for the April 17, 2012 Session of the New York State Senate.