Senator Martins Recognizes the Efforts of Great Neck South, Commack High School Students

March 06, 2012

On the floor of the New York State Senate, Senator Jack M. Martins entered into the record a resolution honoring Great Neck South High School student John Yang and Commack High School student Kayla Neville for their extraordinary work in studying experimental nanoparticles.

Neville and Yang spent last summer working together, under the supervision of biomedical engineering professor Balaji Sitharaman, at Stony Brook University in a project that was jointly sponsored by the Great Neck Breast Cancer Coalition and the Huntington Breast Cancer Action Coalition. In the study, the two young scientists injected the experimental nanoparticle into human cells and discovered that the human body could tolerate the material.

If approved to be safe and not toxic for humans, these experimental nanoparticles could be injected into a patient before an MRI to help make an image clearer and easier to read. This could lead to a greater ability for doctors to find previously hidden tumors and earlier detection for some.

Their discovery could also aid in delivering cancer-fighting drugs to patients.