Sen. Krueger's 2023 Roundtable for Boomers and Seniors, Session I - Affordable Housing Options for Older Adults

Senator Krueger’s 2023 five-part Virtual Roundtable for Boomers and Seniors will focus on housing for older people. Access to safe affordable housing is critical to ensure that we are able to age well in the community.

While affordable housing is a scarce commodity in New York City, the first session of the series will provide information about what types of housing are available and how to apply. During subsequent sessions, you will hear from the experts about the Senior Citizens Rent Increase Exemption (SCRIE) Program designed to keep your rent regulated apartment affordable, learn strategies to ensure your landlord makes needed repairs, and find out how to assess your apartment to determine if it’s safe and best suited to meet your needs as you age. 


- Paul Freitag, Executive Director, Westside Federation for Senior Housing (WSFSH)

- Paul Nagle, Executive Director, Stonewall CDC

- Alison Nickerson, Executive Director, LiveOn New York

- Kai Usher, Housing Ambassador Program Assistant, and EVH Navigator



--WSFSH Presentation:

--LiveOn NY Presentation:

--Stonewall CDC Presentation:


--LiveOn New York

--Westside Federation for Senior Housing

--Stonewall CDC

--Department for the Aging (DFTA) Housing Lists

Manhattan DFTA senior housing list:

DFTA lists for other boroughs:

--Health Advocates for Older People General Housing Resource List

Met Council on Housing Affordable Buildings for Older Adults

--New York Academy of Medicine (NYAM) Interactive Map of Aging

-- New York City Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) Housing Connect

--New York City Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) Housing Ambassador Program

--Legal Services Providers

Mobilization for Justice


New York Legal Assistance Group


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Legal Services NYC


--Fact Sheets on Tenants Rights